“Oh brother! Stallone hits the Trak”

Frank Stallone - MEET APL

Frank Stallone - MEET APL

Frank Stallone, brother of heavyweight Hollywood star, Sylvester, has touched down in Melbourne. APL Photography had to fight a bevy of beautiful ladies for a snap of the 60-year-old, who was surrounded by fans at The Trak in Toorak on Friday night. The lesser-known Stallone is a star in his own right, moving in circles from a former amateur boxer to an actor, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his 1983 anthem hit ‘Far from Over.’
Stallone arrived in Melbourne recently, under the peristence of Fox FM’s Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, to be a guest speaker on their show. He will be performing his only show, which sold out in four minutes, at the Forum Theatre on Wednesday.

APL’s image of Frank Stallone got published in the Herald Sun Today. Well done Anthony on another A Lister to your snap list.

Maree Rosa

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