APL Diary, Adventures in New York   It’s nearly midnight as I fly into JFK in New York. As we descend I can see the bright lights of this great city shining bright. The ‘city that never sleeps’ welcomes me with a particularly balmy night. As I am driven through the city, my hotel has [...]

APL – Adventures in the USA – JULY EDITION

Day 1-   After a lengthy flight and the usual conundrum of airport and immigration formalities, I walk out to what is a sensational day in Los Angeles. What a day LA has turned out for us, the heat, 33 degrees…..Amazing! Forget photo shoots its straight to the pool when I check in!   Back [...]

APL Diary – Hello July

Well what a busy week it has been! The phone has been running hot and it looks like the rest of the year is shaping up to be massive. So as the rest of the world gets ready to welcome a new financial year, this is what APL Photography’s week has been like.   We are just [...]