Delta’s Forever New

Sure it’s still miserable outside, but the best part of winter is that spring and summer will always follow, bringing out the blossom of new fashion trends for the lighter season ahead. Kick-starting the fashion festivities that we will see in the coming months, APL Photography ventured off to its first snap of spring styling [...]

Star Shots

APL Photography has had a strong week of celebrity snapping, capturing local and international famous faces. Members of the Australian film industry walked the red carpet at Regent Theatre last week, opening the 2010 Melbourne International Film Festival. Guests included Josh Lawson, Jodi Gordon, Adam Elliot and Blair McDonough, who were amongst the talent snapped [...]

Killer Kutcher

From Dude, Where’s My Car? to being stuck in the 70s, along with dating the world’s hottest cougar, Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity in demand. The Hollywood hunk was recently snapped up by APL Photography, adding this lust-worthy celebrity to APL’s snap list of famous faces. The international star was captured alongside acclaimed Australian director, [...]


Since velvet is making a comeback, I guess that means anything can. Something tells me that vampires may be going out of vogue, and sci-fi is the new season trend, with Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ following an auctioneer that travels around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams. The film has attracted [...]

Yes, we’re talking to you Mr. De Niro

Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro is in town, and has kept a relatively low profile while filming his latest big budget blockbuster, The Killer Elite. The Oscar award-winning legendary actor made his one and only official media appearance on Sunday at Melbourne’s Nobu in Crown, which the actor co-owns. The Media conference involved a Q&A [...]

Vampire Diaries

Blood and fangs have never been so popular, with vampires being the hottest trend in vogue right now. But move over Twilight, because the Vampire Diaries are giving viewers their weekly fix of blood-sucking romance and drama. Heading into its second season, the Vampire Diaries came down under for a vampire exhibition held at Melbourne [...]