Best Foot Forward

Anthony Licuria continues to snap up international Melbourne guests, capturing Pamela Anderson on Saturday night at Melbourne’s Silk Road, adding another name to the APL Photography folio of well-known faces. While known for her enhanced assets, relationship with Tommy Lee and Playboy Playmate days, this Baywatch babe has added dancing to her list of things [...]

Nena & Pasadena

The newest street fashion label to join the group of Melbourne cult fashion tees launched last night, attracting a much-anticipated crowd to the new kids on the block. Nena & Pasadena, a collaboration of men’s fashion label Kiss Chacey and Sushi Radio, along with Hawthorn Footballer Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, released their debuting collection, ‘Invasion’, with [...]


WIN A TRIP TO SYDNEY Calling all fashionistas, stylists, people with artistic minds, or if you can just put 2 + 2 together … COVET is celebrating the success of its second issue, and we decided to give back to our readers for supporting our publication, with an amazing competition! Our philosophy is crave.desire.indulge. and [...]


    We’ve kept you waiting long enough, and now, the second instalment of COVET magazine is finally live! With more fashion, more interviews, and more photos from APL Photography, we’ve produced another edition of everything you should crave. desire. indulge. This edition, COVET interviewed Perth fashion designer Timothy Godbold, explored Flavia’s Global Adventures and [...]

Biting Necks

Many of you have often asked Anthony if he ever sleeps, with all the events he attends and celebrities he captures, all the photos he edits and all the work he has put into COVET magazine, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, unless you’re a vampire that is. APL [...]